Saturday, August 06, 2005

[Book] JBoss : A Developer's Notebook

JBoss : A Developer's Notebook is a little book that packs a surprisingly good amount of information.

I find the last chapter on how to harden the JBoss instance alone worth the book's price. Do you know that an out-of-box JBoss installation exposes

  • the jmx console and web console without protection so that anybody can remotely shutdown the JBoss server?
  • the remote class downloading service so that anybody can remotely download any file?

If the answer is "No", you probably own it to yourself and your client to check out the book. Flipping it through for 10 minutes at your local bookstore might save you from having to deal with a security break in.

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1 comment:

norman richards said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad the book was helpful. If you have any comments about things that weren't done well in the book or that you wish we had covered instead, feel free to send me a note. It will be particularly helpful If we eventually do a 2nd edition.