Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How to start isqlplus

To start isqlplus, a web version of sqlplus, issue

isqlplusctl start
Thereafter, the isqlplus is accessible from http://localhost:5560/isqlplus.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Read with interest all your posts on Oracle and have found them very useful - thank you. Just have one question, do you know how I can start isqlplus automatically when my Mac starts up? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

royal said...

hi i want to use isqlplus please help me

Anonymous said...

one can use the inittab entries as to start this utility as deamon. Just need to append a line to run this.

another one idea is to push this into profile, but in this case one has to use sudo command to change the user.

another approach is to create a rc script and keep it in init.d directory, or rc*.d directory, whichever is existing.

As I have limited knowledge on MAC, cannot comment as specific to mac. MAC is a linux based micro kernel os so it should have any one the mechanism suggested