Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why there is no GUI tool to configure JBoss?

I have long been wondering why there is no such tool to ease JBoss configuration. Given the popularity of the JBoss server, I would thought somebody must have written such a tool already. Please leave me a comment if you know such a tool.


pete said...

The only thing I've heard of is the "JBoss IDE" eclipse plugin.

It has some admin-like capabilities from the description. I've never used it though.

Anonymous said...

JBoss blows. I would recommend using core patterns and develop your web apps with your own frameworks.

damien said...

JBoss 4.0.3 is including a GUI installer that does a lot of configuration for you as well. I believe 4.0.3 is in a Release Candidate (RC) state right now, so should be somewhat stable.

Anonymous said...

There's the JMX console, but JBoss makes money by selling services, not releasing configuration tools for free. Keep that in mind.

-Jason G.